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Selene Chair Dressed︎︎

Art Directing, Style Exercises
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The Selene Theatrical Chair experiment it is due to the semantic use of different materials and variations about the style. This is a clear homage to Raymond Quneau and his Style Exercises. The object language theme, the chance to define signs, allegorical worlds   by using little external variations, it is spontaneus in the advertise world and in the art environment, and it comes evident in its agility by keeping as an hostage the mythological Selene Chair  designed by the glorious Vico Magistretti, and proposing a series of dressages, and stylistic variation through the use of different materials. The project features the Selene Warrior, where a metal grid adds meaningful signs, Selene Dressed, which recalls to the Pecorelle Armchair by Cini Boeri, the Selene Restored which evokes the Man Ray famous project, and so on, in a both hilarious and serious play about the role of the designer as a writer who must be using the material, just like a writer does through his words.