TheØrsta Masterplan

The The center of Vikegata is actually the old commercial area of Ørsta and needs a strategic urban reconnection project, which has as its neuralgic center the new commercial building and the new square connected to it. The project designs a way to give sense and comfort to the waterfront of Vikegata, which is currently underutilized and overwhelmed by old abandoned buildings, whose mass will be completely replaced. The new masterplan envisages the organization of functions in an offset of concentric octagon, along which the expansion of the current quay zone, the expansion of the beach-equipped green area to the beach, the diagonal enlargement of the Lungomare with a direct connection to the new Holiday Houses and the new Commercial Zone.
Bicycle and pedestrian paths are correctly identified for a better distribution of bands for use in public and private transportation. The prevailing direction of the Masterplan Ring is clearly identified to connect the various civic zones, but also to integrate new routes to the largest Norwegian Norwich Route. The building whose skin simulates the parametricism of a Fractal is integrated as the core of this geometric ring circuit, where the context is finally connected and highlighted in a masterplan where sea, commercials, housing and landscape emerge as integrity and coherence.

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